From spring to bottle

It's not every day that you wake up wanting to change the face of the soft drinks market. But that's exactly what happened: two men, Alexander Eckball, resident in Hamburg, and his long-time German business partner and today's friend Gregor vom Endt, domiciled in Dusseldorf, were convinced that just because something had successfully resisted change for a long time didn't mean it had to stay that way forever.

For two passionate cola drinkers, the taste of their favourite beverage had finally soured: bad press, incredible amounts of refined sugar and ingredients that would do a chemistry set proud had brought them to the brink.

The fact that both cola lovers had the same idea of producing a genuine alternative could be seen as destiny. Convinced, however, of the hopelessness of the project, they at first kept their thoughts to themselves. The surprise was thus all the greater when they confided in each other with the aim of getting realistic feedback on their daring enterprise. Sharing the same, admittedly pretty whacky dream created an atmosphere of confidence in which they began making the dream come true. Thanks to their striving for originality, haji cola is based on water from one of the oldest sources in the world. Add oranges and lemons, coriander, cinnamon and vanilla, pure fructose and above all the natural flavour of dates, and you have a recipe for cola that is both new and unique.

Everyone involved was convinced by the taste and gently stimulating effect of the new cola and its worldwide potential, and thus the project got the green light. And, as the water from the Husumer Marschland is also extremely tasty in its pure form, they decided to let the other half of the world (those who don't drink cola) share the enjoyment. To ensure that the equilibrium of the world remains undisturbed, haji cola has now been joined by haji water.


haji cola and haji water is based on one of the most ancient sources of the world