haji cola – presumably the healthiest Cola between the Orient and the Occident.

For one of the most successful beverages of the modern era, cola has an astonishingly bad image. This has many reasons: from multinational soft drinks giants to questionable lifestyle choices and traditional, outdated production methods, cola is far from being linked to any curative effect.

In haji cola, an alternative has been created that is unique. It is not haji that is special, but rather the haji drinker. It is the long overdue alternative for enlightened people who make up their own minds and live their lives accordingly. The time for compromise is past, haji is here!

haji cola – probably the healthiest cola between Orient and Occident!

What does haji mean?
Originally, the word Haji is an honorary title for someone who has fulfilled their religious duty by completing a pilgrimage to Mecca.

In the Orient, the word is also a simple expression to denote a calm, upright person who makes for pleasant company. Haji is thus used in many countries as a form of address, regardless of whether the person has undertaken their journey to Mecca or not, or even of whether the person is a Muslim. It is often found as part of a name, expressing a bond of friendship with or respect for the addressee.

Haji is, however,
also to be found in the Occident. The Ancient Greeks and Bulgarians used the expression for members on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, as did the Jewish minority in Iran.

In this respect, the name creates common ground and crosses national and religious borders. Haji represents a link between Orient and Occident and can be seen as an ideal metaphor for bringing cultures and nations together. Reflecting the original sense of the word, haji water and haji cola will build bridges between people, rather than keeping them apart.


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