haji cola - you can see how good haji tastes

So it is that the most uncompromising drink on the market and one of the oldest flavours of the Orient come together. The recipe is based on Nature's gifts, available to the civilised world in abundance: pure natural taste of dates, pure, natural fructose, limes, oranges, lemons, coriander, ginger, vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon, topped up with natural mineral water from the Husumer Marschland and a portion of stimulating caffeine. And for those who prefer the taste of phosphoric acid to the natural tanginess of lemons, we're sorry to have to disappoint you - phosphoric acid doesn't occur naturally.

Nutrition facts per 100ml:

Per 100ml, haji cola contains 214KJ/50kcal, less than 0.5g fat, roughage, protein, less than 0.02g sodium and 10g carbohydrate - thereof 10g natural fructose - and 13mg caffeine.

The contents of haji cola


Taste in a natural way. The date not only provides an excellent flavor nuance, it also reduces the risk of heart and circulatory diseases and cancer.


Tangy and tasty. Lemon freshness gives haji cola a head start in the fight against thirst. And where there are lemons, there is no phosphoric acid.


Ginger root gives haji cola that extra kick - and reinforces the body's natural defences.


One of Nature's strokes of genius: the fine flavour of vanilla rounds off the sensorial experience of haji cola and gives your palate the final polish.


Cinnamon is responsible for the silky note in haji cola, proving that even the mysterious world of liquid refreshment has room for delicate nuances of flavour.